Being an adult

      It is still not clear when I became an adult. The numbers we call 'age' is getting thicker and thicker. But it seems like I'm stuck in twenties except my body doesn't respond me like twenties. When we learn history, those textbooks we had are saying that from this time to that time of period is bla bla. But becoming an adult is not clear like that.

      I have two beautiful nieces and they are 5 and 3. They are so lovely and wonderful. They love me and still have that excitement when I get to see them. But I don't think it'll go forever. There is going to be a time that they think they are treated not fair and the whole world is not on their side. Do I know how to react or handle this kind of situations? Somehow I'm an adult. So I have to be more patience and wiser than them. But I have no idea how I can deal with it.

      A friend of mine who lives in London and her son is about twelve years old. Very sweet and smart kid. He is even smarter and more confident than when